Have you considered using a toroid in your application?

Often, a transformer or inductor designed on a laminated or cut-core, will perform much better when a toroidal core is chosen.

Current Transformers


Common Mode Choke

High-Q Inductor

Core materials we use when designing our toroids.

  1. Wound metal-tape without Nickel typically for lower frequency (less than 1kHz).
  2. Wound metal-tape with high Nickel content typically for higher frequency (greater than 1kHz).
  3. Ferrite mixes for any given permeability, frequency and/or B-H curve.
  4. Powdered Iron for hign-flux apllications.


We have the capability to manufacture toroids from 1/16" I.D. to 28" O.D., with wire size up to 6 AWG.

Information we need to design and manufacture the proper toroid for you...

  1. Frequency and waveshape of operation.
  2. DC bias, if applicable.
  3. AC voltage and/or current during operation.
  4. Required inductance for the application.
  5. Use of component, ie. common-mode choke, saturable reactor, switching power supply transformer, high-Q tuning  inductor, pulse transformer, power transformer, etc.
  6. VA (power) required.
  7. Physical Size constraints.
  8. Mounting requirements.
  9. Terminations, ie. lugs, leads, screw terminals.
  10. Maximum allowable temperature rise.
  11. Regulation, if applicable (no load to full load)
  12. Case style requirements, if applicable.